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Winter Fun and Games

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Winter Games and Activities:


Frosty FashionFashionable Frosty Fox Game: Dress the fox by accumulating gems to buy the clothes. Watch out for the icicles and rolling balls of ice.

line of snowflakesline of snowflakes

Whack a MoleWhack-a-Mole...in the snow: Whack all the moles you can within the given amount of time. Watch out the ninjas and the ufos. Please don't whack the grandma mole.

Ski Game: Guide the skier down the hill and capture the gold flags without running into any obstacles.

Snow Drive: Keep driving in the snowy weather without running into the other cars.

line of snowflakesline of snowflakes

Find the Differences: There are ten differences between the two pictures. Can you find them all?

Snowman Travels: Keep the snowman from reaching the top and coming near the sun.

Snow Words: Build a snowman by guessing the snow words.