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Snowmen Pop: Keep clicking on the snowmen until they pop.

Fish Dining: Dine on the smaller fish and grab the gifts. Stay away from the larger fish!

Another Christmas Break-Out Game: Keep the snowball bouncing and collecting the presents by moving the paddle.

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Christmas Teddy Bear with a Candy CaneChristmas Games 3:
We couldn't have just one or two pages of Christmas Games
, so now we have three!


Gift Rescue: Help Santa get to the gifts and avoid the lava or snow monster. Remove the candy-striped pins to release Santa, the gifts, lava, or cooling water.

Flappy Santa: Keep Santa flying through the air while grabbing gifts and avoiding obstacles.

Rocket Santa: Keep Santa flying upwards while he collects all the gifts.

Christmas Coloring: An online coloring book with Christmas pictures. You can print or save your picture when you're finished.


Santa Puzzles: Move the pieces of the Christmas pictures into their correct locations.

Snowball Shot: Click on the round button when the pointer is showing the desired position. Try to get as many gifts as you can while hitting the snowman at the end.

Snowball Pong: Keep the snowball in the screen area by moving the paddles. Collect gifts as the snowball bounces around.