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Spring Games and ActivitiesYellow Chick


Flower Line Game Flower Line Game: Draw lines and connect the pairs of flowers without crossing over other lines.

Butterfly CatchButterfly Catch: Catch as many butterflies (and ladybugs for extra points) as you can.

Bugs Match3Bug Match3: Swap adjacent bugs to line up three or more of the same bugs and remove them from the screen. Keep removing the bugs before they reach the top of the screen.

A line of tulips

Bunny HopBunny Hop: Help the bunny hop to the top and grab the carrots.

Bunny RunBunny Run: This bunny not only has to run, but it has to hop and duck as well.

A line of tulips

Feed the RabbitsFeed the Bunnies: Click on the bunnies to open their mouths to catch the carrots. I find this game quite hard. I hope you have better luck with it!

Little Chick RunBaby Chick Run: The little chick is not flying, but it is definitely running and jumping for the coins.

Sheep GuardianSheep Guardian: Get the wolves away from the sheep, and do it quickly!