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A line of sunflowers
Loving the Fall Colors!

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Fall Games and Activities

Autumn Math GamesFall Math Games: Yep, we've got to keep our math minds active.

Find the Differences: Fall Harvest- find the differences between the two pictures.

Collecting Nuts: Score up points by helping the squirrel collect as many nuts as he can. (This is a javascript game that works better in Google Chrome.)

Hedge Hog Roll: Keep the hedge hog jumping and bouncing on the moles to get rid of them.

Angel Harvest Maze (javascript): Choose your angel and get her through the maze by correctly answering the questions.
Autumn Angel 1 Angel with Basket of Harvest Autumn Angel 2 Angel 2 with Basket of Harvest

Two 20-Pieces Tile Swap Puzzles
Autumn Tile Swap Puzzle 1 Foxes Playing in Leaves Puzzle
Pumpkin Man Tile Swap PuzzleBuilding a Pumpkin Man Puzzle