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Old Testament Verses Coloring Pages: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3 | Set 4

This is the first set of printable coloring pages for Bible verses in the Old Testament. It includes coloring pages for the following verses: Genesis 1:1, Leviticus 22:31, I Chronicles 29:13 (A Bible verse coloring page for Thanksgiving), Job 27:4, Psalms 3:5, Psalms 18:1, Psalms 25:4, Psalms 33:6, and Psalms 33:8.

The majority of the color pages here have an English and a Spanish version of the Bible verse. The Spanish verse is from the classical Spanish Reina Valera (1909) version.

The printable Bible resources from akidsheart.com are free to use in your printed publications provided all copyright notices remain intact. They are not allowed to be distributed electronically. Please enjoy.

Bible Color Page Genesis 1:1Bible coloring page for Genesis 1:1

Coloring Page Leviticus 22:31A coloring page for the Bible verse, Leviticus 22:31

I Chronicles 29:13  Coloring PageI Chronicles 29:13 Coloring Page

Job 27:4 Coloring PageA coloring page for verse, Job 27:4

Bible Color Page Psalms 3:5A Bible verse coloring page, Psalms 3:5





Bible Verse Coloring Page Psalms 18:1Psalms 18:1, Bible verse coloring page

Coloring Page Psalms 25:4 A printable coloring page for the Bible verse, Psalms 25:4

A Bible verse coloring page for Psalms 33:6 Psalms 33:6 Bible verse coloring page

Coloring Page for Bible verse Psalms 33:8 A coloring page for the Bible verse Psalms 33:8