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Bible Resources
Free Bible Study Resources

(Printables: I'm separating the interactive activities and games from the printables. The printables are geared for teachers and parents, but please feel free to play the games as well!)

Bible Coloring Pages: Hundreds of coloring pages focused on themes, Old and New Testament verses, and the ABC of Bible verses.

Bible Verses: Printable activities and resources for learning the Bible verses.

Bible Printable Puzzles: General Bible knowledge puzzles and printable games.

Bible Fun Zone: Interactive games and puzzles to reinforce and help learn about the Bible

All About Reading and All About Spelling is an Orton-Gilliganham based, multisensory, mastery based reading and spelling program.
All About Learning Press
I've used it with great success, especially with fluency, for learners who often had difficulties with reading. Highly recommended!

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Stay Cool!
Holidays with A Kid's Heart

Crab Catch GameSummer Games: For when you just want to stay inside and chill.

Printable Resources and Online Activities for Shavuot or Pentacost.

Printable Resources for the Jewish Holidays:

RoshHashanna | Yom Kippur |
Tu B'Shevat | Purim | Pesach (Passover) | Shavuot | Sukkot | Chanukah
(Some games for these holidays are in the Bible Fun Zone and some are in the selected holiday sections, such as Purim.)