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Seasonal Puzzles and Games:

Other Games:
Shape Lay Game
Shape Lay Game
:Use the shapes to fill in the picture.

Whack a Difference
Whack a Difference
: Something's different about one of the objects. Find the difference and click on the object that is different from the other two. The faster you find it and click, the higher you score.

Shape Swap Game
Shape Swap Game
: Swap the locations of the circles and the triangles using as few moves as possible.

Mini Golf Game
Mini Golf Game
: Use the mouse to set the direction and the force of the golf ball.

Rubik Snake
Rubik Snake Game
: Twist the blocked snake to make the shape that is shown.

Rubik Snake
Tangram Puzzle
: Put the seven pieces of the puzzles back together to make a square.

15 Slider Number Puzzle
15 Slider Number Puzzle
: Move the numbers, 1-15, in the correct order. Number of moves is recorded and the timer is on.
Download a 15 slider puzzle. (Windows only)

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Kakuro Puzzles:
Printable Kakuro Puzzles: Arithmetic puzzles to print. As with the online puzzles, you can choose the puzzle to print or you can have the computer select a random puzzle from the category of your choice.

Arithmetic Games:
Addition Ball GameAddition and Subtraction Games and Puzzles

Arithmetic Games
Pick the numbers to complete the equation.
Addition and Subtraction Game | Multiplication Game
Multiplication and Division Game | Arithmetic Game | Order of Operations

Math Man Game
Math Man
Clear the maze. Eat a question, and then eat the ghost with the number that has the correct value. Arithmetic Order of Operations

Math Search Game
Math Search
Solve the equation and find the answer hidden in the puzzle. Arithmetic Order of Operations

Tic-Tac-Toe with Math: Get three in a row. Earn a square by correctly answering the Math question. One or two player game. PreAlgebra Whole Numbers

Memory Match Games
Number Words Memory Math GameNumber Words Memory Match: A Memory Match Game matching the number to the number word, up to ten.
Ladybug Times 2 Game Ladybugs Memory Match: Count the number of ladybugs and multiply by the number of spots to find the total number of spots on the card. Find the number that matches the answer.
Times Two | Times 3 | Times 4 | Times 5

Logic and Strategy Puzzles:
Sudoku Puzzles: Interactive and printable puzzles and a downloadable sudoku game with nine levels.

Printable Don't Cross the Line Puzzles

Seesaw Weight Game Seesaw Weight Game: Using the picture, determine the heaviest object.

Leap Frog PuzzleLeap Frog Game:Move all three green frogs to the rocks on the left and move all three brown frogs to the rocks on the right within 60 seconds.

Frog Hop Strategy GameFrog Hop Game:Move the frog and remove the lily pads.

Other Games:

Mouse Trap Game
Mouse Trap Game
: Use the pillars to capture and trap the mouse. The less pillars you use, the higher the score.

Apple Mine Game
Apple Mine Game
: Clear the board of all the apples except the ones with the worms.

Apple Mine Game
: Find and destroy all the enemy's ship before yours are destroyed.

Apple Mine Game
Chain Reaction
: Click on the target to have it shoot the others.

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