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elfChristmas Math and Puzzle Games

HTML5 and Java script Christmas math and puzzle games for a variety of devices.

Free Rudolph Christmas PuzzleFree Rudolph Puzzle: Move the items to get Rudolph out of his pen.

Christmas Multiplication Facts Christmas Multiplication Facts: Solve the math facts to reveal the picture.

Christmas Tree Light Up PuzzleChristmas Tree Light Up Puzzle HTML5 version: Rotate the strings and ornaments to light up the Christmas tree.

Counting GiftsCounting Gifts: Help the elf count the number of each type of present.

Counting SantasSanta Count: How may Santas can you find in the picture?

Flash math games and puzzles

Christmas Tree Light Up Christmas Tree Light Up: Connect all the lights to light up the tree.

Christmas Tree Light Up Untangle the Christmas Lights: Untangle the Christmas lights to get them to light.

Santas Sleighs Santa's Sleigh: Add the sleighs so that there is only one sleigh for each Santa and one Santa for each sleigh.

Ornament Bounce Multiplication Facts Ornament Bounce Multiplication Facts: Bounce the ornaments from the box to the tree. When a question appears, choose the correct product for the given multiplication fact to earn more points.

Christmas SudukoChristmas Sudoku: Sudoku puzzle with Christmas items.