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Teddy bears with heart

Valentine Puzzle Pieces Game
Pogo to the Star
Use the mouse to jump on the pogo stick, collect hearts, and jump on enemies while reaching the star at the top.

Valentine Puzzle Pieces Game
Valentine Puzzle Pieces
Rotate the puzzle pieces and put the Valentine Bear back together.

Valentine Puzzle Pieces Game
Heart Blender
Balance the number of red hearts and pink hearts on the sides of the playing board.

TicTacMyHeartPrint and PlayTicTacMyHeart
Valentine Games
Coloring Pages, Mazes, and Word Games and Puzzles

  A Kid's Heart Bear Happy Valentine's Day!      
Valentine's Day Games
Valentine hearts


Don't Break My Heart Game
Don't Break My Heart Game
Keep the heart from breaking by keeping it from falling to the ground.

Five Hearts in a Row Game
5 Hearts in a Row

Remove the hearts by placing 5 of the same color in a line.

Valentine Row Swapping Puzzle
Row Swapping Puzzle

Solve the puzzle by swapping the rows and the columns of the scrambled picture.

Loves Me Daisy Petal Game
Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Daisy Petal Game
Type in your name and his or hers name and pluck the daisy petals.

Break the Hearts Game
Heart-Break Game
Break the hearts before they reach the top of the play area.

Valentine Dress Up Doll
Dress Up Doll for Valentine's Day

Candy Memory Sequencing Game
Chocolate Candy Memory Sequencing Game

Valentine Concentration Games: Match the hearts to reveal a secret Valentine.    (Java applet)

heartValentine Rebus              HeartHeart Memory Match Game

Match the words to the Bible verse - John 15:17
blue heart divider

Teddy bears with heartCapture my Heart:   How many of the 20 hearts can you get?   (Flash Game)

Valentine Word Drop Game: Words associated with Valentine's Day are scrambled. Click on two letters to exchange their positions. The goal is to put all the letters in order before the word falls to the bottom of the play area. 

Don't Cross My Heart Puzzles: Small, Medium, or Large

Bears with heartI John 4:11:   Grab all the Bible words to the Bible verse as they whisk by. (Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. ~I John 4:11) (Flash Game)

Couples in the BibleBiblical Couples:   See how well you can match the Biblical character with his Valentine.   (Javascript)



Find the Differences Game
Find the Differences Game
Find the seven differences between the two pictures.

Trap My Heart Game
Trap My Heart Game
Use the roses and chocolates to capture and trap the heart.

Off the Edge Game
Keep the hearts from reaching the edges of the play area.

Catch a Heart Game
Catch The Hearts Game
Catch as many hearts as you can before time runs out.

Valentine's Day Break Out
Valentine Break Out
Use the paddle to keep the ball bouncing and remove the pieces to reveal the Valentine picture.

Dressup HeartDress Up Heart Figures
5 different heart figures to dress. Lots of lace and bows.

Musical Heart BellsMusical Heart Bells

Valentine Row Swapping Puzzle9-Piece Tile Swap Puzzle
Swap the puzzle pieces to put the picture back together.
36-Piece Tile Swap Puzzle


TicTacMyHeartTic-Tac my Heart: Online game of Tic-Tac-Toe, but this time with heart.   (javascript)

Heart Pong Game
Heart Pong Game
Hit as many hearts as you can.

Hearts SudokuHearts Sudoku: Sudoku puzzle with colored hearts

Funny Face ValentineArrange the Verse: Put the Bible verse in order.  (javascript)

Angel with Heart
I Corinthians 13:
Take a Flash quiz on the Love Chapter

Valentines in the Bible Crossword Puzzle: Online puzzles of Valentines from the Bible (java)

TicTacMyHeartLove Verses Crossword Puzzle : Online crossword puzzle containing Bible verses with "love."   (java)



Valentine Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles:

Animated Heart and Flowers Jigsaw | 4-Piece Jigsaw | Heart and Flowers Sliding Puzzle
Animated Kissing Cupid Jigsaw | 4-Piece Jigsaw | Kissing Cupid Sliding Jigsaw Puzzle

Animated Giggles: Hearts and Roses | 6-Piece Jigsaw | Animated Giggles Hearts and Roses Sliding Puzzle
Animated Bee Mine Jigsaw Puzzle | 4-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle | Bee Mine Sliding Puzzle
Toon Kids with Hearts Puzzle | 6-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Teddy Bears, Hearts and Roses Jigsaw Puzzle | 4-Piece Puzzle
Heart Shaped Candy Box and Roses | 4-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Bible Verse Jigsaw Puzzle - John 15:17, Toddler Version | Bible Verse Sliding Puzzle - Toddler Version, 4 pieces

Valentine's Day Celebration at A Kids Heart Celebrating the Holidays with A Kids Heart A Kids Heart playground and learning site

Valentine hearts
And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,
and have not love, it profits me nothing.
Valentine hearts

Valentine hearts
Valentine's Day | Games | Goodies | Print and Play
Valentine hearts

Math Games and Resources

Thinking Math STORY - IT
Stories to read, stories to write, story starters, word games, nursery rhymes, printable coloring pages, picture prompts, and more resources for language arts.
Mother Goose   Photo Resources
Animal, plants, flowers, and scenic photos for your projects.
Skunk Photo

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