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The Teddy Bear was named after the U. S. President, Theodore Roosevelt (Teddy for short). President Roosevelt liked to hunt, but a cartoon in a newspaper showed him refusing to shoot a bear. This stuffed animal toy soon took on the name of Teddy.

Honey and Apples
My older Teddy Bear Day page
. It includes more games and puzzles in the Flash format.

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Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Have You Hugged Your Teddy Bear Today?

Teddy bear with flower
September 9th is Teddy Bear Day! Celebrate it with your favorite Teddy Bear! We have some resources and activities to help you make its day a bit more special.

Important Notice: Teddy Bear Day is NOT an official holiday. Your teddy bear does not get the day off. He still has to do his job and be loveable and cuddlesome.

The teddy bear was invented by a German woman with polio. Her name was Margarete Steiff. She got polio when she was a little girl and had to use a wheel chair. She was blessed, however, with an innovative and creative mind. She worked as a seamstress sewing clothes, but started making pin cushions shaped like animals. Her little animals became quite popular, and she started making more and more toys including the little bear. I do have to ask, however, please don't stick your bear with pins, unless it's made for just that.

Dress Up Teddy Bear
Mix-and-Match Teddy Bear Dress Up
Change the teddy bear's clothes. You can print out the teddy bear once you're finished dressing it.

Teddy Bear with FlowerTeddy Bear Clipart: Lots of fun teddy bear graphics
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Teddy Bear Clipart Page 4
Teddy Bear Angels Clip Art Teddy Bear Angel


Teddy Bear with a Basket of Apples and Honey Teddy Bear, Honey, and Apples Desktop Screen
Honey Bear and Apples
Teddy Bear and Apples
Honey Bear and Apples