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Word Making Games: A variety of games to form words from letters.

Word Wiz Game Vocabulary Word Wiz Game: Make as many words as you can from the letter tiles. Get the question mark tile to the bottom and a vocabulary question appears. Select the best meaning of the word and earn extra points.

Word BlocksWord Blocks: Make as many words as you can from the letter blocks. Each level increases in the amount of words needed to go on to the next level and in the speed that the letters are dropped on the board.

Letter Bounce GameLetter Bounce Game: Shoot a letter out of the cannon to make 3 to 5 letter words. Don't let the letters make it to the bottom of the game area.

Word CubeWord Cube Game: Make as many words as you can from the letters in the 3d cube.


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Cartoon pencilWord Search Puzzle: Make and play or make and print your own word search puzzles.

Word Magnets Word Magnets: Phonics Reinforcement and Sentence Building Exercises - Make as many sentences as you can about the pictures.

Word Family GameOdd One Out: Word Family Game - Click on the word that doesn't belong.

HangmanHangman Type Games - Guess the word by guessing the letters.

Dolch Sight Words | Fry's Frequent Words : First Hundred |
Fry's List: Second One Hundred | Fry's Third One Hundred
Days of the Week and Months of the Year

More Sight Words Games: Number Words

Number Words Matching Activity Number Words Matching Activity

Number Words Memory Match Number Words Memory Match

Seasonal Puzzles and Games

Valentine Word DropValentine Word Drop: Put the letters back in order before the word falls to the bottom of the play area.

Autumn Word ScrambleAutumn Word Scramble: Arrange the letters to make the fall related words defined by the clues.

Christmas Word ScrambleChristmas Word Scramble: Rearrange the letters to make Christmas words or phrases.

Christmas Maze GameChristmas Word Maze Game: Help the elf collect the letters in order to spell the Christmas word defined by the clue.

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