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Occupations in the Bible Occupations in the Bible Crossword Puzzle

Those Who've Met AngelsThose Who've Met Angels

Creation Crossword PuzzleA Crossword Puzzle about Creation

Purim Cross PuzzleIt's in the Megilla Crossword Puzzle for Purim

Fruit of the Spirit Crossword PuzzleFruit of the Spirit Crossword Puzzle

Passover Crossword PuzzleA Crossword Puzzle about the Passover

Hebrews Hall of Faith Crossword PuzzleHebrews 11 Hall of Faith Crossword Puzzle

The 12 Apostles Crossword PuzzleThe Apostles Crossword Puzzle




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Bible Crossword PuzzlesBible
to Print and Play

These are crosswords puzzles with various Biblical themes and holidays to print and play. I have reformatted and puzlished them in pdf format, so you will need to have a pdf viewer on your device.

The printable crossword puzzles are all free and can be used in your printed projects, personal or commercial. Please just keep all copyright notices intact and do not redistribute electronically. I get a lot of requests from churches asking if they can use the puzzles in their printed bulletins. The answer is "Yes. You most certainly can."
I sincerely hope that you enjoy them.

The Easter Story Crossword PuzzleA crossword puzzle about the story of Easter.

Valentines in the Bible Crossword PuzzleValentines in the Bible Crossword Puzzle.
Love Verses Crossword Puzzle Love Verses: A Crossword Puzzle with some "love" verses in the Bible.

People in the Old Testament Crossword PuzzlePeople in the Old Testament Crossword Puzzle 1
People in the Old Testament Crossword Puzzle 2 Another Crossword Puzzle about people in the Old Testament. I had accidently made two puzzles with the same theme. I hope you can enjoy both.

Jonah and the Big Fish CrosswordJonah and the Big Fish Crossword Puzzle

Teaching and Learning PuzzleTeaching and Learning: A crossword puzzle about Bible verses referencing teaching and learning.

First and Last Things Crossword PuzzleFirst and Last Things Crossword Puzzle

The Nativity Crossword PuzzleThe Nativity Crossword Puzzle: A crossword puzzle about the Christmas story.

Psalms of Thanksgiving CrosswordPsalms of Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle: Being Thankful!

Fathers in the BibleA Crossword Puzzle of Fathers in the Bible