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flowerWelcome to our Bee Hive: It's buzzing with activities, games, coloring pages, and clip art - both for online fun and print and play. Our little Bees are busy learning what God wants them to Be, and they're so glad that you've joined them. So buzz on down and see what they're learning and how they're learning it.



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Bee Hangman GameBee Desktop Wallpaper -
Ephesians 4:23 wallpaper: And be renewed in the spirit of your mind.

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Bee Bookmarks to Make and PrintBusy Bees Decals - Print out a page of 12 decals - "Being busy about God's business." Use them for stickers, awards, scrap books, or buttons.

Bee Bookmarks to Make and PrintBee Bookmark - Design your own Bee Bookmark by using your mouse and dragging the pictures and words onto the bookmark. Then print it on card stock (or print on regular paper and glue it onto cardboard or construction paper) and cut. You can also laminate it to keep it longer.

Bee Bookmarks to Make and PrintPre-made Bee Bookmarks - Some Netscape users might not be able to print the finished bookmark, so we pre made you some that you can print and cut
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Bee Coloring PagesBee - ing Colored: Color these busy bees Online (Java Applet) or Print out the pages listed below and color on paper.

Color Page 1 - Psalms 32:1
Color Page 2 - Ephesians 6:10
Color Page 3 - Psalms 100:4
Color Page 4 - Proverbs 27:23
Color Page 5 - Ephesians 4:23
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Bee Match GameBible Verse Match - Find the matches to the "Be..." Bible verses. (Flash)

Bee Concentration GameBee Memory Match - Concentration-type Game. Find the matching Bees. (Java Applet)

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Bee Match GameBee Match - Match the "Be" with the Scripture Reference. Use the mouse to drag the Scripture to the correct "Be." (javascript)

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Bee Hangman GameBee HangMan - No, we're not hanging bees, but you have 60 seconds or 10 wrong guesses to guess the word. Click on a letter to guess. (javascript)

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Bee Scramble GamesBee - ing Scrambled - Printout Sheet and Online activities (javascript)

Bee Scrambled 1

Bee Scrambled 2

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Bee Hangman GameBee Word Search to Print - Find the things that God wants us to Bee hidden in the Silly Bee.


Printable Bee Clip Art (Flash): Editable Tags, Signs, and Cards with bees. Delete instructional text and type in your own text or leave blank before printing, Use for name tags, bulletin boards, writing exercises, note cards, etc.
Toon Boy Bee Note Card | Toon Girl Bee Note Card

Girl and Boy Bee Tags | Toon Bees and Hive

Bee clipart to downloadBee Clip art - A swarm of Bee clipart for you to download and make your own little hive. You may use the clipart for your own projects, personal or commercial, but the clip art may not be included in any graphic collection, including Web or CD, nor distributed as stand alone graphics. Although free to use in your own copyrighted projects, the graphics themselves are copyrighted and are not public domain.

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