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The Roadrunner

Birds in the U.S. Deserts


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Some of the graphics of the desert birds were made with 3d content by Kenneth Gilliland and Lyne Masamitsu.

Roadrunner with snake


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Roadrunner Coloring and Information Page:
Coloring Page 1
: The roadrunner, a cuckoo bird, lives in the dry open land of the Southwestern United States and is the state bird of New Mexico. These birds can fly, though not very far, and will do so when in danger. They are very swift runners and can reach speeds up to 18 miles per hour. Their tails act as rudders, and they use them to make quick turns and sudden stops.
Coloring Page 2 : Like most desert animals, the roadrunner needs very little water. He gets most of the water he needs from his food, eating fruits, lizards, insects, small rodents, and snakes. He is one of the few predators of the rattlesnake. He snags the rattlesnake by the tail with his beak and whips the snake against the ground. The roadrunner itself is preyed upon by a few animals, including hawks, bob cats, raccoons, and bull snakes. Its most notorious predator is the coyote; the predator/prey relationship between the two was made well known by the cartoon.

Printable Report Page
Write a report on roadrunners. Printable paper with a graphical insert.

Printable Dot-to-Dot Coloring Page
Finish the picture by connecting the dots in numerical order.

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